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Please note our availability is currently limited. We are welcoming new clients into our skills groups. However, we do not have openings for individual therapy. We ask our skills group members to also be in individual therapy while attending our groups. We are happy to accept group members who see individual therapists outside of our practice. Please feel free to contact us if you are established with an individual therapist and are interested in joining a skills group. We are not currently maintaining a waiting list for individual therapy, but we will update this website as our availability changes.

Get in touch with us today at (925) 448-7129

Individual Contact Numbers:

Beth Christensen, LMFT
(925) 699-3476

Stacey Hill Lee, LMFT
(925) 222-5010

Elizabeth Rauch Leftik, Psy.D.
(925) 314-6354

Sarah E. Wood, Ph.D.
(925) 680-1844

Rupa Zimmermann, Ph.D.
(925) 378-3944